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Counseling / Education

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At Family Creations, our cornerstone is educating our expectant mothers and adoptive parents. We then continue with long-term counseling from a qualified therapist and provide lifelong counseling and support.

This is what sets us apart from other adoption agencies. We believe that understanding the emotional aspects of adoption, helps to make the transition smooth and effortless for all involved. We also provide free adoption education classes to individuals and organizations.


We strive to:

  • Educate parents about adoption choices
  • Provide counseling and ongoing therapy
  • Educate families on preparation for adopting a child.

Steps in Adoption

Part of understanding the adoption process is to comprehend the steps that adoptive parents go through. Below is a listing of some of those processes:

Home Studies: Provide home studies for families who desire to adopt a child through our domestic or international programs. We will complete home visits and interviews with the families and provide a comprehensive report.

Background Screening: Complete state and local criminal checks, State Abuse Registry clearances, and diligent searches for birth fathers.

Post-Placement Supervision: Supervision and assessments for families after a child has been placed in their home, regardless of the agency through which they adopted. All visits and written reports will follow the laws and formats required by the state or country from which the family adopted.

Independent Home Studies & Post Placement Services: For families not adopting through Family Creations, we can provide home studies and post placement services (as described above) for Florida residents seeking to adopt.

Legal Support: Our legal department will assist in determining proper procedures for termination of parental rights, including publications and diligent searches for birth fathers.

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