Help and Assistance

Expectant Mother Help and Assistance

Family Creations wants to help you find a solution for your unplanned pregnancy.

We will work with you through this crisis, develop a personalized plan, and find the ideal family for your child based on what is important to you. Most importantly, the miracle of adoption is your choice. You have the option to make all the decisions.

Through your pregnancy and recovery, Family Creations will:

  • Assist you in creating a personalized adoption plan to meet your specific needs
  • Provide transportation to medical appointments and 24/7 access to our team of experts
  • Help with financial assistance with medical coverage and living expenses (as allowed by state law)
  • Offer safe and secure housing if you need living assistance
  • Support you through the adoptive parents selection
  • Give legal advice and representation
  • Provide ongoing counseling from certified therapists and mental health counselors

Family selection is an important part of the adoption journey.
Family Creations will hold your hand through the process of selecting the ideal family for your child. Each waiting family has completed the pre-adoption requirements ensuring that they are financially, mentally and physically capable of raising a baby.

All waiting families go through an adoption home study. This in-depth process examines all aspect of the family, their home life, and emotional capabilities. You choose the adoptive parents based on your preferences and answer any questions you may have. Sometimes an expectant parent may not even know what their preferences are–and that's 'ok' too.

Expectant mothers can rest assured that Family Creations will provide you the comfort and security of knowing that throughout your pregnancy and recovery we will give you a peaceful, supportive and nurturing haven. As a birth mother, you make all of the decisions so that you know your baby will be raised in a warm, secure and loving home.

Our job is to provide loving support to you!.