“5 stars really isn’t enough!!! I could never explain in words everything that Family Creations has done for me and my son!!! Their level of love and care is unmatched by any other agency anywhere!!! They match families perfectly and keep the birth mom a part of everything. My decision to place through Family Creations was one of the best decisions i ever made for not only my daughter who was adopted, but for my son that i have and myself. To this day they are family, to this day they care and do anything possible to point me in the direction to be successful. If you are a mom and are thinking about adoption and just aren’t sure, please message me i will be very happy to tell you my story and how beautiful that this agency really is. YOU WILL NEVER FIND AN ADOPTION AGENCY BETTER OR MORE PROFESSIONAL!!! You will never be treated the way that they treat you because every other agency that I’ve heard about from other birth moms talk about unhappy experiences. I HAVE NOT ONE COMPLAINT FROM START TO NOW WITH MY ADOPTION PROCESS. Kirk and Kiah are not just agency workers they are family.”