Hoping to Adopt?

Hoping To Adopt?

Family Creations is a private, non-profit, child-placing agency licensed through the Department of Children and Families. We work with expectant parents from all over the state of Florida and prospective adoptive families from all over the country. We provide services to local prospective adoptive families to include, home studies, post-placement supervision, counseling, and Interstate Compact (ICPC).

Children placed through our agency come from a variety of backgrounds, heritages, and ethnicities. We primarily place newborns but occasionally have older children and sibling groups in need of loving homes. We help find the perfect family for each child.

The waiting time for placement of a child through our agency averages about nine to twelve months from the time you complete your home study to having a child placed in your home. Adoptive families who are somewhat flexible regarding racial and ethnic background, gender, health, openness, and legal risks typically have the shortest wait times.

Home Studies and Post Placement Supervision

Family Creations provides home studies and post placement supervision for local families. Home studies that we complete can typically be used anywhere in the United States for a domestic adoption.
Post-placement supervision visits are required by statute and entail a provider visiting you in your home after you have taken placement of a child. Our licensing requires post placement visits to be conducted every thirty days after you receive placement until the adoption is finalized.

Preparing Your Profile Book

During the home study process, you will create a profile book. Your profile is a scrapbook-type collection of pictures and written information about your family which will be presented to expectant parents working an adoption plan. There are several options for creating your profile book and the staff at Family Creations can guide you through the process of gathering pictures and expressing your personality through the words in your profile book.

Out of State Families

Family Creations serves families across the country who wish to adopt from Florida. We work with several family finders and offer contracts for families who wish to work with us directly.

Safe Haven Adoptions

Family Creations participates with A Safe Haven for Newborns program. In this scenario, a parent may leave his/her baby at a fire station, hospital Emergency room, or EMS station which is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Safe Haven program states that the baby must be 7 days old or less. If the baby appears to have no evidence of abuse, the professional accepting the baby is not required to ask any questions of the parent.
The next step includes the baby being delivered to the closest hospital, if not already there. Next, the hospital social work department contacts a local licensed child placing agency. The agency then prepares legal documentation to allow them to obtain physical and legal custody. In the case of Safe Haven situations, biological parents have 30 fays to change their mind, claim the baby, and have the baby returned to them. This does not occur often, but some families may not wish to endure this level of legal risk.

Counseling to Adoptive Parents

Family Creations offers counseling to all adoptive families in our community and families who adopt from Family Creations from out of state. Your domestic contract with Family Creations is binding for two years however, the relationship never ends. We are always here to help you navigate raising an adopted child and maintaining a relationship with your child’s birth family

If you are interested in adopting a child, or have questions about adoption, please contact our office at (941)747-9225.

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