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In the early stages of an unexpected pregnancy, you may be so understandably upset or confused that you find it difficult to focus on the decisions you must soon make for yourself and your unborn child.

But there is one choice you know you do not have: facing your situation and making a plan! The experienced staff at Family Creations is here to help you, and those closest to you, work through the fears and uncertainties usually experienced in an unexpected pregnancy, and work through your options. We will:

  • Offer real help with kind hearts
  • Not judge or lecture you
  • Not pressure you to make a decision
  • Talk about your options
  • Answer your questions
  • Support you while you think your way through your situation
  • Counsel and provide therapy through the process

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Why Choose Family Creations?

Family Creations’ purpose is to help provide loving and nurturing homes for infants and children freed for adoption. We provide all of our services in a non-judgmental fashion, without prejudice or undue pressure. We supply unlimited counseling/therapy for our clients with personalized attention for our birth mothers from all of our staff, and so much more!

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Making a choice to place your baby with a new family can be scary, let Family Creations help you make the decision that is right for you…..

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